Press Kit – Platform Summary & Quotes

Platform Summary & Quotes as of 4/2/2016

Short summaries on the website & its Founder, Mark “Clive” Svetik, as well as quotes from him on gamers, industry, and the untapped potential of the community.

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Platform Background (CLS) is a platform in Open Beta to grow the next generation of fundraisers. The site empowers the gaming community, non-profits, and businesses with tools and resources to connect around digital fundraisers while NEVER taking a percentage of the donations raised by our users.

CLS is the first and only platform today to do this, setting itself apart from anything else that exists.

The site consists solely of Mark “Clive” Svetik who not only has “bootstrapped” the site so far, but runs all operations, outreach, and resource creation.


Success Timeline

In February 2015, CLS Founder Mark Svetik started work on the idea of a central calendar for all charity livestreams, with the promise of never taking a percentage of donations raised by others.

In July 2015, after 4.5 months of initial research, testing, and user feedback, the Open Beta of the platform was released for the public with the expanded mission of being the number one location for knowledge, collaboration, and promotion of charity livestream events.

In December 2015, users have submitted 33+ events and raised over $16,600 for various charities as of Dec. 2015. (The 2015 infographic can be found here on the site: )

As of today, 1 year later, the site continues to grow with over 50 livestream fundraisers submitted by the community so far.


About Founder Mark Svetik

Mark “Clive” Svetik, a 26 year old gamer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, has spent the last 4 years working in Digital Marketing and Operations for various start-ups in the San Fransisco Bay Area. He’s a driven, focused individual with a passion for helping others and is an enormous fan the amazing talent from both the gaming and creatives communities.

Originally inspired by the work ethic and charitable livestreams of Youtuber / Philanthropist Mark Fischbach (AKA Markiplier) as well as many others in the gaming community, Mark (know as “Clive” by the community) wants to use the talents he’s gained to help those with a passion make a difference in the world.

Today he constantly pursues advancing the site and connecting with the community, non-profits, and industry as the site progresses through it’s Beta phase.


Quotes From Mark Svetik

On Charity Livestreams

“The gaming community has been able to raise tens of millions of dollars over the past few years, which is amazing, but, considering most people don’t know an event is happening unless they’re frequently tuned in a broadcaster’s community, there’s a huge potential that can be tapped into if events and those interested can have a central location to promote and coordinate their efforts.”

On Gamers & The Community

“Gamers are some of the most altruistic people out there and I’ve had the pleasure of meeting dozens with a true passion for doing good since starting CLS. When gamers do something, we go all in, where else do you see individuals dedicating 24 hours of their continuous time to a cause, not counting the countless hours of preparation before hand.”
On The Potential of the Community
“When it just takes one passionate, dedicated individual to make a difference in the lives of millions, imagine the possibilities if all those individuals come together around a common goal. By empowering those already driven to succeed and igniting that flame in others who don’t realize their potential, I want CLS to further enable the explosion of talent that’s already changing the world.”

On Digital Donations & The Future of Fundraising

“It’s my pledge that CLS will NEVER take a direct percentage of the money raised by those who use the site and you can see the industry following suit. With everyone from social media companies to payment processers enabling 100{90a6d81482ddedbcdfd778c825eccd6b40ee0d05f38df3ad6f856a1adc621028} of donations to go directly to organizations, we’re on the cusp of a revolution within the philanthropic industry and the impact potential looking forward is mind blowing.”


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