Discovering, organizing, & promoting livestream fundraisers is complex.

Finding people who can make charity events successful is difficult.

Tools turning those individuals into leaders are nonexistent.

CLS aims to change that.

Having Fun While Helping Others (CLS) is a for-profit, pre-seed startup in the Phoenix, Arizona area, building a platform combining digital event promotion with automatic portfolio development for the gaming & creative communities.

Anyone with drive to make a positive difference should have the tools to make their passion a reality. By empowering the community to promote charity fundraisers, showcase/expand the skills they gain through those events, and get access to larger opportunities from businesses and nonprofits, our goal is to create a continuously improving ecosystem of talented individuals where all parties benefit (community, nonprofits, & businesses).

It has been an amazing journey so far and this is only the beginning!

Behind The Scenes

My name is Mark, but call me "Clive". I'm the Founder and sole person behind everything that has to do with

I'm a gamer, storyteller, marketer, and family man who loves gaming content and was inspired by the gaming & art online communities to create CLS. I've seen first-hand the passion of those working together to help others and I feel there's a well of untapped potential to do even more by streamlining the way we connect.

CLS will always be a community first platform and it's my pledge that that it will NEVER take a percentage of donations meant to help those in need. It has been amazing getting to work with everyone so far to make a real difference for those who need it.

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