50-60{90a6d81482ddedbcdfd778c825eccd6b40ee0d05f38df3ad6f856a1adc621028} Off Black Friday Sale 2016 & CLS Updates

Hello Everyone,

I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving!

I have 2 announcements for you all today:
– Black Friday Sale on CLS images
– Updated Profiles For All Users

50{90a6d81482ddedbcdfd778c825eccd6b40ee0d05f38df3ad6f856a1adc621028} OFF Individual Promo Sets

60{90a6d81482ddedbcdfd778c825eccd6b40ee0d05f38df3ad6f856a1adc621028} OFF Full Bundle Purchase ($50 for 3000 Images!)

Social media posts with photos get more clicks & views. Let the world know they can find your event on charitylivestream.com with a variety of images you can add to posts before & during your next charity livestream.

Sale ends Dec 3rd, so snag your images for 2017 and be prepared for your next event!

If you’ve been keeping up with the CLS Discord, and if not come join us, you’ve noticed I’ve been working on making updates to the site in preparation for the 2017 launch out of Beta.

The majority of the newest updates revolve around the new profiles for all 4 user types & a recommendation/review system for you to acknowledge the awesome people you know. I’m including links to the profile samples below so you can see the full capabilities of each type.

My next step now is to verify that a profile has all the information that each user type would want to know about each other user type when looking for partners. After that’s confirmed, I’ll focus on “What are the most important aspects” in order to solidify the optimal layout of the information in the final profiles.





If you would be willing to give feedback on these new profiles, “Does it cover what you look for when you want to find partners or are there other items you want to see?”, then please reach out to me directly at mark@charitylivestream.com and we can either chat via Skype/Discord or keep everything to email/IM, whatever you prefer.

Also, please be sure to update your profile by going to your profile page, clicking the gear, selecting Edit Profile, and then confirming your edits by clicking the check mark at the top of your profile or the button at the very bottom. If your profile isn’t updated, then you won’t appear in searches from people looking for new partnerships.

Hope everyone is doing awesome, be sure to pick up an image pack before the sale ends, and I’m looking forward to your next events!