Community Rebuild, Weekly Updates, & More

Hello Everyone,

It will be 2 years this week since the initial version of CLS was released as a central calendar for gaming charity streams. To properly prepare for the anniversary, last week I put a pause on developing the Pre-Alpha Playground and directed my attention to bringing new functionality to the current site.

Between expanding features, squashing bugs, and prioritizing regular updates with you guys via Discord & weekend livestreams, I’m excited with the progress so far and what’s to come. Virtually all of the new updates revolve around bridging the different sections of the site together and making it easier for the community to connect to one another.

Community Hubs & Group Showcase

The old member directories have been rebuilt into the Community Hubs. These hubs will serve as central point of information for each community with links to those types of events/groups and where member highlights will be showcased. They also, for logged-in users, have a search capabilities to look for other users who indicate their interests match that community.

There are 7 core communities at this time:

Verified Nonprofit & Business accounts also now have access to the Volunteer Center and Community Partnership Hub respectively. This makes finding others on the site based on their individual preferences much easier than before.

Finally, in rebuilding the individual search parameters, I also created a new Hero Guilds page to showcase fundraising teams and creative groups on the site. The search is based on a new categorization system, so if you have a group, or are planning on adding your group to the site, be sure to go and fill out the new Community Type field in your profile!

Bug Fixes & Profile Streamlining

Squashed a few big bugs and updated some existing features:

  • Feature: Users can now select that they are seeking individuals to fill certain roles during event submission and events can be sorted by these parameters on calendar pages.
  • Feature: The site is now fully HTTPS secure. No personal information like credit card numbers or donation processing is done on the site, so this is mainly just an added level of security that’s always good to have.
  • Fixed: Old domain to properly redirect to the homepage.
  • Fixed: Bug preventing certain titles & fields from showing on all profiles has been taken care of.

After smashing that last bug, I went through and restructured all profile types on the site so they would show better on mobile devices and be easier to expand upon in the future. I’ll be reaching out for feedback on how to expand/improve the existing profiles even further in the coming weeks.

Daily Updates & CLS Dev Hangouts

After spending 3 months working on the Pre-Alpha Playground in relative secrecy, I want to start communicating with the community on a more consistent basis.

Since April 3rd, I’ve started posting daily updates on #Announcements of the CLS Discord. Last Saturday was also the first CLS Dev Hangout where I went over the updates during the past week and then answered your questions on what’s coming next.

Check out the livestream below and stay awesome everyone!

Mark “Clive” Svetik
Founder of