Description Code Snippets

The description for every event is different depending on what you want to do. In order to help speed up the process while giving the most flexibility I’ve gathered together some common sections as well as the formatting code for you to easily copy/paste into the text mode for your event description. If you want to contribute to this list, then please contact me and we can get new code added here and the CLS Wikia.

NOTE: This is not the only way to use HTML to create these sections. These are merely a few examples using basic coding. Google is your friend for finding all sorts of cool tricks to make things look good, it certainly was mine when I was first learning.


What Is The Event

2-3 sentences describing the name of the event, who you’re raising money for, and what a viewer can expect during the stream. Usually there is no title needed since you’re starting the description with this, but depending on your needs I’ve included it below:


<strong>What Is The Event</strong><br />

[Description Text]<br /><br />



Youtube Video Embed

Alternatively, if you’ve uploaded a video describing your event you can also start with a youtube embed:


<center><iframe width="560" height="315" src="LINK TO YOUR YOUTUBE VIDEO PAGE" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></center>



Where You Can Watch

Unless your description is only a paragraph long, it’s usually good to have a link to your event near the top of your event description:

<strong>Where You Can Watch</strong><br />

Watch: <a href="http://www. HOST URL">http:// www. HOST URL</a><br /><br />



How To Contribute

If donations allow you to interact with the stream, add the instructions here. A sample has been provided with the code below:


<strong>How To Contribute</strong><br />

1) Click the donate button on the <a href="https://www. DONATION URL" target="blank">Donation Page.</a><br /><br />

2) Put in your donation amount, or leave it at the suggested amount.<br /><br />

3) Put in your name or username so we know who to shout out to.<br /><br />

4) Add your vote or message in the "Comment" field, you're vote will be added to the tally and we'll try to read your comment out loud on the stream!<br /><br />


NOTE: Sometimes those new to charity streams won’t understand the process of donating to effect the game. It’s useful to add helper text or a link to the rules for how individuals can influence the game. AKA: If you mention that your donations will go to Kill The Animals or Save The Animals in Super Metroid, it’s good to add that the vote means whether the players will make the detour at the end of the game or not. Additionally, if there is any sort of ranking system where people can track the current status, it’s good to add that here or as a final list item.



Why We’re Streaming

Take 2-8 sentences to describe why you’re doing the charity stream and why you chose your non-profit to fund raise for as opposed to a different one. Do you have a friend or loved one personally affected? Is it a cause that you care deeply about? Was it voted on by your community?

Whatever the reason, including why you’re willing to dedicate a portion of your life to raise money adds a personal touch to the event that makes it more interesting and builds a connection with the viewer:


<strong>Why We're Streaming</strong><br />

[Description]<br /><br />



How Will Your Donations Help Others

Just like adding the reason why you’re doing the event, adding what the donations will actually be doing to help the cause you care about. Does your donations help build specialized gaming rigs for children in hospitals? Provide clean water jugs to those who need it? Give a food basket for a family in need?

Whatever it may be, letting people know how their donation will actually make an impact is important for convincing people to donate to your chosen non-profit:


<strong>How Will Your Donations Help Others</strong><br />

[Dexcription Text]<br /><br />



View Our Past Streams

If you have done past events, then providing some links to past highlight videos is a fantastic way to help build trust and credibility with your potential viewers. You get the chance to showcase some of the best moments and get them excited for the upcoming stream:


<strong>Watch videoes of our past events!</strong><br />

<strong>VIDEO/EVENT NAME:</strong><a href="TWITCH OR YOUTUBE URL">TWITCH OR YOUTUBE URL</a><br /><br />

<strong>VIDEO/EVENT NAME:</strong><br />


<strong>VIDEO/EVENT NAME:</strong><br />


<strong>VIDEO/EVENT NAME:</strong><br />




Our Team

Most streams are put together with the help of others. Giving proper credit to your partners helps them prove their involvement for future opportunities and is generally just a good thing to do:


<strong>Our Team</strong><br />

Here are those helping to make our event succeed:<br />

[Name] – (Role if applicable) <a href=”Enter URL For CLS Profile”>CLS Profile</a><br />

[Name] – (Role if applicable) <a href=”Enter URL For CLS Profile”>CLS Profile</a><br />

[Name] – (Role if applicable) <a href=”Enter URL For CLS Profile”>CLS Profile</a><br /><br />



Connect With Us

Finish up with links to your social media accounts and website for your group, if you have one. This will make it easier for people to connect, help you build your community, and stay up to date on any future events you may do:


<strong>Connect With Us</strong><br />

Stay up to date by connecting with us!<br />

<a href="http:// TWITCH URL">Twitch</a><br />

<a href="https:// FACEBOOK URL">Facebook</a><br />

<a href="https:// TWITTER URL">Twitter</a><br />

<a href="http:// TUMBLR URL">Tumblr</a><br />

<a href="http:// YOUR WEBSITE URL">Our Website</a><br />

<a href="http:// OTHER SITE URL">Other Site</a><br />