Livestream Fundraising Community

The CLS Community Lounge

The CLS Community Lounge is a central hub to connect users with experience running charity streams to one another and to those interested in mentorships to grow/share their skills.

From its inception, CLS has been focused around the individuals willing to commit hours of their time to make charity events both successful and fun for all involved. Just as livestream fundraisers never take a dime of donations, CLS doesn't take a percentage of donations and instead focuses on growing and connecting individuals based on their skills and their passion to help others.

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For logged-in Individual & Fundraising Team users, use the filters below to find the perfect partners for your events & growth based on their preferred broadcast types, roles they can fill in upcoming charity livestreams, roles they wish to learn, and roles they want to teach as well as availability for new community projects and collaborations.

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