Media Partner Promotion

CLS is proud to partner with any organization promoting how much gamers and the online creative community does to help others.

If you're planning a charity livestream and looking for places that have featured charity events and the people who run them, be sure to check out our partners below!

Who said gamers didn't have big hearts?

We intend to showcase how gamers worldwide are using their common love for games to give back to their community, their friends and even people they don’t even know.

Gaming has become a huge industry and mainstream media often fails to highlight all of the good that gamers accomplish.  We are going to change that.

BigHeartedGamers was the first organization to take an interest in what CLS is trying to accomplish and even interviewed Founder Mark Svetik in the early days of the site's development. Their Featured Big Hearted Gamer series as well as their podcasts highlight the best side of gamers and how they help others.

If you've submitted events to CLS and are interested in getting more exposure for your cause, click the link below to access their contact page and get in touch!

Promote The Good In Gaming!

Interested in promoting charity livestream events and the people who run them on your podcast, show, news website, or blog?  Contact CLS at with the subject "Media Partner" to discuss!