Pre-Alpha Playground Coming Soon!

Hello Everyone!

Let me start off by thanking all of you for the great work you’ve done with your charity events and your understanding with the length of this update as it’s a big announcement.

As the sole person behind the platform, I’m still working to find balance between the development and promotion of the site, so I’m going to be doing more to post updates on a regular basis.

As some of you know, these past few months have been busy for me. In December I made a major reorganization of my priorities & obligations so that, in January, I had the time and resources to embark on the most ambitious task of CLS to date: a complete, ground-up rebuild of the website.

The reason why I’ve done this comes down to future flexibility and scalability. The current site is as a fantastic prototype bringing us together, but it’s something that won’t meet my vision for what’s to come.

To that end, I feel I’ve made great progress so far. I’ve rebuilt a lot of the current functionality, while implementing a host of new features, of which I’ll list some of the more interesting below. There is still much more to be done before I’m comfortable replacing the current site with the new one, but I feel ready to announce that I’ll be opening up a “Pre-Alpha Playground” in the future where those interested can try out the functionality with test data and give me feedback. Once development hits a point where the new site exceeds the current one in functionality & style, I’ll wipe the data, resubmit the events you all have created so far, and set the new site live for everyone to use.

I’m committed to CLS and from the start my focus has been on the community, the people that make charity streams such awesome events. It’s you guys who inspire me to keep going. It’s all of you who put countless hours into running charity events and spreading awareness to help others.

I’m proud to stand with each of you in helping others as we create, game, give and grow.

Thank you for your support and this is just the beginning!


Upcoming Features With The “Pre-Alpha Playground:
-Streamlined creation of events
-Roles you’re seeking assistance with for events are added to a special opportunity board
-Detailed showcase of event organizers
-Greatly expanded functionality for fundraising teams
-There will be 7 initial Community pages that showcase individuals, events, and opportunities of different types:
— Gamers
— Game Developers
— Artists
— Musicians
— Videographers
— Nonprofits
— Businesses
-Even more to come!

Stay Awesome Everyone!

Mark “Clive” Svetik