Team Early Adopter Application

Team Early Adopter Application


“One person continually working to better themselves can move mountains with time. A group of such individuals can change the world.”

CLS is built on growing skills through charity events and connecting individuals who share the same passions to one another. By giving fundraising and creative teams a special profile layout to promote who they are and what they care about, CLS eliminates the need for smaller groups to manage their own websites and gives more established teams an attractive way to showcase themselves to a community of people who share their values.

If you’re a team you can join CLS as a Hero Guild and help shape new features during the CLS Beta.

Team Early Adopter benefits during the CLS Beta include:

  • Premium Team Profile Layout
  • Search CLS Community For Talented Individuals For Your Projects
  • 1 Free Recruitment Opportunity Board Posting Per Month
  • Providing Feedback To Directly Shape CLS Features

Please create a profile on CLS & select Team as Account type to create a Basic Team account. Once your account is set up, submit your the details below for Early Adopter Program consideration.

NOTE: If your group is a Game Development Studio that has already launched your first title or directly representing a business, please join the Business Early Adopter Program.

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