The Next Generation of Fundraising

Fundraising is changing dramatically from what it used to be. As new technology empowers the individual to connect with others and share their ideas, we increasingly see those who want to not only build their skills and share their talents with the world, but to rally with others to make an impact that actually means something.

While crowdfunding through entertainment is nothing new, (live, televised charity concerts collecting donations via phone have been around for decades), technological advancements over the last 5 years in broadcasting, money transfer, and social outreach has strapped a rocket to it’s effectiveness while whittling the cost down to little more than time. This has lead to the rise of charity livestreams that not only provide the one way pushing of entertainment, but also the interaction of viewers and performers.

Gamers and artists especially are taking advantage of their ability to stream themselves for charity. There is an altruism within these communities that is inspiring, not only in how much money can be raised ($17+ million on Twitch last year alone), but in how the power of just one person can inspire others to help others while having fun.

Despite the passion and success so far, one year ago I started working on to solve the problem of not knowing when events would be held and giving the community the tools to make their events as successful as possible. Things have grown immensely over the past year and I’m happy to share the site’s progress so far.

CLS Today


Put simply, CLS is a fully mobile, central hub of tools, resources, and collaboration opportunities for gamers, artists, broadcasters, communities, nonprofits, and businesses. My goal is to stitch together the fractured community, grow the next generation of digital fundraisers,  and ensure the maximum amount of dollars possible go to their intended causes by NEVER taking a percentage of donations raised.

The platform today is built on 4, soon to be 5, core sections:

  1.  Searchable Master Event Calendar – Submit your events, never miss streams by adding them to your phone & give the community an easy way to share fundraisers
  2.  Skill Portfolio Profiles – Showcase your interests, past projects, the skills you have, those you want to learn, and those you can mentor others in for partnerships
  3.  Member Search – Discover new talent, fill skill gaps in your fundraising team, locate local volunteers, and find partners (business or otherwise) to collaborate with
  4.  Fundraising Resources – Free & Premium tools & materials to get you up and running FAST: Start-to-Finish How-To Guide for Charity Streams, 3000 Free & Premium Images, Description Templates & Code, Promotion Auto-Content Tools, & More
  5. Opportunity Board (Coming Soon!) – Reach out to the community with everything from Joint Charity Events, Volunteering, Personal Projects, Game Launches, Jobs, & more

Right now I’ve just finished the initial feature set for Charities and I’m looking for 501c3 Non-Profits interested in being early adopters. This is a chance to help shape and grow the site to best it can be to help current & future fundraisers without taking a percentage of your donations.


Support CLS


CLS started as a passion project and it’s been all of you who have shown me that it can be so much more. As many of you know, I’m working solo to build out the site and all the resources for the community and I’ve been bootstrapping the site to get it to where it is today.

If you would like to support me and the continued development of the site, then there are several ways you can help:

  • Contribute a monthly amount to the CLS Patreon Page to get access to premium features and support the creation of more resources
  • Use the site for your next event, promote your CLS info page, & send me your feedback on what you feel works and what doesn’t (
  • Contribute what you know and learn to the CLS Wikia for others to use. I’ll never have more knowledge than the community as a whole can provide to help one another.
  • Share the site with those you know and watch. Whether your a broadcaster or just a fan, I’m building the site to ensure the entire community can band together and make an impact while growing their personal skill sets.

Thank you all for your continued support and I’m looking forward to what this platform will become.

Stay awesome everyone!