What Is CharityLiveStream.com? – Update 9/9/2016

In the very beginning CLS was just a calendar of fundraising events being created by one overzealous fan, (me), but with the help of the community the site is growing into something with much more impact.

The Platform Today

CLS, with it’s current direction can be best described as a Charity Focused “LinkedIn” For The Gaming Community. The website serves as a platform to solve 4 intertwined needs:

  • Promoting Charity Events
  • Showcasing Individual Skills, Causes, Interests, & Availability For Collaboration
  • Building Talented Teams Based On Those Factors
  • Discovering New Opportunities For Growth / Advancement

CLS serves as the support system for individuals to organize events and the promotion venue for both livestreams and individual abilities. Whether you’re in front of the camera, a behind-the-scenes planner, or just a fan who wants to make an impact, CLS is designed to help you grow your talents while helping others.

Current features include:

  • Master Event Calendar
  • Detailed Event Pages
  • Knowledge & Resources For Promoting Fundraisers
  • Portfolio Profiles For Showcasing
  • Talents & Providing Proof Of Skills
  • Detailed Search To Find Others For Collaboration
  • Opportunity Board To Post & Find New Projects From Creators, Fundraising Teams, Non-Profits, & Businesses
  • Fully Mobile & Donation/Broadcasting Platform Agnostic

As of this Sept. 2016 there have been 75+ events submitted to the site raising $40k for various causes, (up 26 events raising $8,000 10 months ago), and I’m proud to still say I haven’t touched a dime of those donations.


Moving Forward

My vision of value for CLS follows a simple, cyclical ecosystem:

  • CLS gives free & premium tools to promote charity events
  • Users naturally grow their skills through events
  • Portfolio focused profiles showcase talents & verify past events
  • Ideal collaboration partners can be searched based on talents, interests, availability, & more
  • New volunteer & for-profit opportunities become available allowing everyone to expand their individual impact

As any successful company knows, the most valuable investment it can make is in growing the talents of its people. Likewise, as the CLS community grows, it will become a self improving ecosystem where nonprofits and businesses can connect with passionate individuals who set themselves apart by the good they do for others.

Now that the core systems are in place, the next step is to optimize the platform and make it as useful as possible while getting the word out! Keep an eye out for more updates, feedback surveys, and community events!
I’ve bootstrapped CLS on my own so far as one man unifying an incredibly talented community sitting on a well of, largely untapped, potential. I don’t focus on the “sexy” businesses of donation processing or online streaming, but instead take a longer view of building infrastructure piece by piece to connect the people who’ll use those tools to shape the future.

If you want to be a part of this vision, don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

I hope you’re doing awesome and I’ll see you in the next update!

Mark “Clive” Svetik
Founder of CharityLiveStream.com