Year 1 of Livestream Fundraising


CLS is celebrating its 1 year anniversary of open beta! It’s been a fun, crazy ride to get here and I’m so proud of the community and what has been accomplished so far.


Thank you all for 60+ events raising more than $36,600 for various charities! (Update 8/8/16: We reached 70 events that have been submitted with over $37,000 raised!)


For the anniversary I have a few things planned I hope you all will love:



I’ve uploaded the image resources to the CLS account. These images packs can be used to either jump-start your own banner creation, or for social media posts promoting your event.


Download the Free 250 Sample pack to preview the images and if you like what you see, purchase a Premium Pack or check out the 20{90a6d81482ddedbcdfd778c825eccd6b40ee0d05f38df3ad6f856a1adc621028} off Promo 1 Bundle for all 3000 images!




The Premium Profile layout is now applied to all free accounts!
  • Cover Photo
  • Embedded Youtube Video
  • Multiple Section Layouts
  • Greater Visibility In User Search
Your profile can be the best place to share your interests & causes you support, promote ways you want to collaborate, and provide a portfolio of the talents you’ve gained through charity events. By upgrading all individual accounts to the Premium layouts, everyone can easily showcase the hard work they’ve done fundraising for causes who need it.


Log in and upgrade your profile today!



The first version of nonprofit profiles are created and ready for testing, so if you’d like to see your favorite cause on the site tell them to contact me at or let me know and I’ll reach out to them directly. All they need is to provide their United States EIN number as proof of their 501c3 Nonprofit status and I’ll help them get their account set up!


If anyone has any questions, comments, or concerns regarding the site, please reach out to me anytime.


Let’s make this next year as awesome as the last one!


Mark “Clive” Svetik