Press Kit – Fact Sheet

Press Kit Fact Sheet as of 4/15/2016.
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Gamers, Breaking Stereotypes, & Social Good

  • Gamers are more socially conscious than non-gamers. A majority of gamers agree that ‘having a positive impact on society is important to me’—a full 21 percentage points higher than non-gamers.”*
  • Gamers are more likely to prioritize socially conscious business practices. A greater share of them agree that it’s important that the companies they buy products from support social causes (58{90a6d81482ddedbcdfd778c825eccd6b40ee0d05f38df3ad6f856a1adc621028} vs. 36{90a6d81482ddedbcdfd778c825eccd6b40ee0d05f38df3ad6f856a1adc621028}) and that companies treat their customers fairly (82{90a6d81482ddedbcdfd778c825eccd6b40ee0d05f38df3ad6f856a1adc621028} vs. 72{90a6d81482ddedbcdfd778c825eccd6b40ee0d05f38df3ad6f856a1adc621028}).”*“Furthermore, they’re more likely to feel better about companies that have ethical business practices (78{90a6d81482ddedbcdfd778c825eccd6b40ee0d05f38df3ad6f856a1adc621028} vs. 65{90a6d81482ddedbcdfd778c825eccd6b40ee0d05f38df3ad6f856a1adc621028}) and would rather buy from those “that [have] nothing to hide” (81{90a6d81482ddedbcdfd778c825eccd6b40ee0d05f38df3ad6f856a1adc621028} vs. 66{90a6d81482ddedbcdfd778c825eccd6b40ee0d05f38df3ad6f856a1adc621028}).”*
  • The gaming community is quickly mastering the art of digital, peer-to-peer fund raising. In 2014, gaming broadcast host Twitch reported over $10.5 million was raised for various charities via broadcasts on their platform.”**
  • In 2015, Twitch broadcasters surpassed that number by almost 75{90a6d81482ddedbcdfd778c825eccd6b40ee0d05f38df3ad6f856a1adc621028}, raising over $17.4 million for 55+ charities.***
  • During Youtube Gaming’s launch in 2015 it raised over $200k for charity in a single event via the September 2015 charity livestream by Mark Fischbach (MarkiplierGAME). ****

  • Charity Live Stream (CLS) is a community empowerment platform to unite the gaming & art communities, non-profits, and businesses around live, interactive online charity events.
  • Charity Live Stream has made the public pledge to NEVER take a percentage of donations raised by the community for non-profits.
  • CLS grows the next generation of digital fundraisers by providing:
    • Portfolio profiles promoting individuals abilities, interests, & past projects
    • A Central Calendar With Detailed Event Pages For All Livestreams
    • Role/Skill Focused Team Building For Events & Individual Growth
    • Marketing Outreach Tools & Knowledge Resources
    • (Coming Soon) An “Opportunity Board” for projects connecting gamers, non-profits, & businesses

Successes So Far

  • The Open Beta started in late June 2015, 4.5 months after initial work started on the idea.
  • Since the start of the Alpha in May of 2015 through April of 2016:
    • Over 135 users have joined the site
    • 35 users have submitted 50+ events raising over $25,000 for various causes
    • The top 3 cause types for submitted events are Children (15), Cancer (6, not counting Children category overlap), and Clean Water (4).
    • The top 3 active fund raising groups are:
      • MarkiArtists For Charity & PBT Arcade (Frequent Partners For Joint Events)
      • UpickVG
      • ForCairneSake
  • CLS is mobile optimized & can be accessed from any web browser or device.
  • Core features of Event Submission and Team Search are free for individuals & non-profits.
  • Advanced features can be accessed with a Premium account by contributing the CLS Patreon:

CLS Community Benefits

  • Portfolio profiles showcasing skills, interests, accomplishments, & contact for opportunities.
  • Find others, on an opt-in basis, based on roles/skills to build fundraising teams & mentorships.
  • A single web page for all information about charity events to streamline outreach & build hype.
  • Promotion features to social media and personal calendar reminders to never miss an event.
  • Central calendar of charity events with detailed filtering to find what suits you best.
  • Expand personal skills & the effectiveness of fundraisers with tools, knowledge, & resources.
  • Self-promotion to community, non-profits, and businesses for charity & non-charity opportunities.
  • Archive of past events for skill portfolio building and overall industry impact for good.
  • Platform agnostic, allowing donations & video hosting on whichever sites broadcasters & non-profits are most comfortable with.

Benefits For Non-Profits

  • Direct connection to individuals interested in running or assisting livestream fundraisers.
  • Receive a verified non-profit account and add your organization to the directory of non-profits who accept digital donations.
  • Access the knowledge and resources to for your own events.
  • Discover who is dedicating their time to help others, the types of causes they care about, who is open to volunteering, and the preferred method of contact.


*Gamer statistics pulled from the 2014 study “The New Face Of Gamers” by Lifecourse Associates & Commissioned by Twitch:
**Twitch Statistics on charity streams pulled from 2014 retrospective:

*** Twitch Gives Back: 2015 Charity Recap by Aureylian:

****Youtube Gaming – Markiplier’s DBSA Charity Stream:
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