We Respect The Hustle

Gamers and online creators are a passionate group with a wide range of skills. Whether livestreaming, create works of art, editing, marketing, or anything else the difficult journey to be successful at what you love is only out-shined by the dedication it takes to achieve that dream.

By acknowledging everyone starts from level 1, CLS provide resources to help you learn about the different elements of livestream fundraising, tools to share your skill growth THROUGH event promotion, and access to a community of people that not only share interests, but also the values of helping those in need through no fault of their own.

Showcase Your Passions

List current talents, skills you're willing to teach/learn,  interests in gaming/art/music, charitable causes you care about, and availability to assist with events and projects from the CLS community, nonprofits, and businesses. 

  • Portfolio Profiles
  • Social Media
  • Communicate Availability 

Promote What You Love

An approved Account Verification Request unlocks full CLS features for broadcasters & creators  starting with the ability to submit  events to the CLS calendar and personal projects (both charitible and not) to the CLS community for promotion / porfolio building.

  • Submit Fundraisers
  • Post Projects
  • Advanced Event Search

Grow Your Talents & Network

Showcase the proof behind skills with projects & livestream events automatically logging into porfolio profiles, even if you're not the one in front of the camera, and easily promote past partners who can vouch for your talents. 

  • Automatic Event Credit
  • Automatic Project Credit
  • Join Existing Teams
  • Teams, Guides & Resources

Discover New Opportunities

Expertise in running successful, digital fundraisers can be applied to many areas & industries. Whether looking for personal advancement/employment, helping charity streams in need, or teaching others your talents CLS can help you reach your goals.

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  • Profile Searchability

Have An Existing Community?

CLS VIP Membership helps you manage online communities & fundraising teams, without building your own website.