Finding, organizing, & promoting charity livestreams is difficult

Discovering people to make events successful is time consuming

Tools turning those individuals into leaders are nonexistent

CLS  changes this

Behind The Magic

Mark Svetik - "Clive"

CEO - Kitestrings, LLC
CLS Founder & Web Developer

I'm a gamer, storyteller, and digital marketer. Inspired by online gaming & art communities to create CLS, I've seen first-hand the passion of those working together to help others, as well as the struggle many face in trying to get started on their own. I aim to create a community where anyone seeking to do good has the tools, network, and resources to do so.

Our mission is to empower passionate individuals to connect and grow their talents in a community focused on helping others.

We accomplish this while NEVER taking a percentage of donations raised to help others by our community.

Anyone with drive to make a positive difference should have the tools to make their passion a reality.

By empowering the community to promote charity fundraisers, showcase/expand the skills they gain through those events, and get access to larger opportunities from businesses and nonprofits, our goal is to create a continuously improving ecosystem of talented individuals where all parties benefit (community, nonprofits, & businesses).

  • Anyone with drive should h​​​​​​​ave the tools to turn passion into reality.

  • Gamers are one of the most altruistic groups in the world and our communities have the power to make tremendous positive impact.
  • Charity streams perfectly combine entertainment, interaction, & social good.
  • Skills gained running livestream fundraisers are paramount to today's digital economy.

CLS Features:

  • Centralized Charity Event List

  • Member Portfolio Profiles

  • Team Creation & Management

  • Mentorship Search

  • Community Guilds

  • Project Showcases

  • Fundraising Resources

  • Opportunity Board

    With a platform of interconnecting features we give anyone with a passion to do good the tools to start from scratch and achieve their dreams. 

Hear From Our Community

Whether you want to be in front of the camera or help run fundraisers from behind the scenes, CLS can connect you to the tools, resources, and, most importantly, people to make your next event a success.

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