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Raise Money & Awareness For Causes You Care About


Showcase Talents, Expand Network, & Access Opportunities

What Is A Charity Livestream?

A live, online events where broadcasters entertain, interact with fans, spread awareness, & encourage donations to causes they care about.

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A Fundraising Focused "LinkedIn" For Gamers, Artists & Their Communities

You Pick Where People Watch & Donate, We Help With The Rest. - CLS (BETA) is a community empowerment platform for individuals to promote digital fundraisers, grow their skills, and connect with the teams, nonprofits, & businesses.

Each charity livestream submitted to the site is automatically added to the organizer's profile where they can also add skills, interests, causes, past projects, and availability to collaborate on new charity & non-charity opportunities specific to their personal goals.

CLS will NEVER take a percentage of donations raised to help others.


Fans To Fundraisers makes organizing & promoting charity streams simple:
You Pick Where People Watch & Donate, We Help With The Rest.

Gaming & creative fundraisers supporting causes you care about all in one place

Learn the step-by-step process of running a charity stream & get tools to help with your own

Create a detailed info page describing your event for FREE: Who It's For, Where To Watch, Where To Donate, & More

Each event automatically adds to your profile, building a verifiable portfolio of skills refined through past projects

Whether you want to be in front of a camera or not, join others who share your passions to run successful events

Connect to charity & non-charity projects from the community, nonprofits, and businesses that tie to personal goals