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Connect With Passionate Volunteers

Our platform empowers nonprofits to better promote fundraising events, connect to a community passionate about helping others, and manage livestreaming and volunteer programs to best utilize the skills of those willing to volunteer their time to assist. 

Some benefits include:

  • Save time discovering volunteers passionate about your cause type with skills you can verify

  • Streamline organization with a public, automatically updating showcase of fundraisers & impact projects

  • Rewarding volunteers with recognition to build their individual or group portfolios

  • Quickly research businesses who care about causes you focus on and are open to sponsorship methods you're looking for

CLS offers all US 501c3 organizations FREE Verified Nonprofit Accounts and basic volunteer management features. 

Promote Your Organization

Find Volunteers

Manage Your Community

Nonprofit Membership Benefits

Any US 501c3 nonprofit organization can create a representative account, email us for verification, and establish their nonprofit showcase page at no cost.

Showcase Social Impact

The Nonprofit Showcase page promotes your mission, your verifying information, and your social media accounts. Additionally, it automatically displays charity livestream events benefiting you, traditional fundraisers, and projects that showcase the impact of those donations. This page also shows  your official streaming program, local branches that members can join, and any key business sponsors you designate.

Communicate Current Needs

Clearly indicate the types of partnerships you're looking for with creators, businesses, and other nonprofits. 

Discover Volunteers & Sponsors

Search individual members on the site based on skills, interests, causes they support, and current availability to volunteer. Search Verified Businesses based on cause types they support and methods they use to partner with nonprofits. 


View Partnership Availability

Vet potential vounteers with traditional resumes paired with portfolios that showcase skills, fundraisers, and projects to back those talents. When accessing member (individual, business, nonprofits) pages, the types of partnerships they're currently open to are openly displayed. You may see this while visiting individual portfolios, business showcase pages, and the showcase pages of other nonprofits. This helps to streamline outreach to those most likely to partner with you. 

Manage Volunteer Programs

Stop fighting with spreadsheets and have members join your program directly through basic level communities on CLS. Separate verified members from the rest, easily showcase successful case studies through Projects, filter those interested in your programs by their talents, manage your streaming toolkit to better control messaging, create badges for recognition programs, and give all joined members visibility to new opportunities in your organization. 

Submit Unlimited Volunteer Postings

Never pay per listing. All nonprofit communities can submit job postings for review without limit to the CLS Opportunity Board. Volunteer & employment postings from nonprofits have clear distinction from Community Collaboration & Business Opportunities to provide trust to the community.

VIP Nonprofit Membership

Access additional benefits for a low annual fee.

Advanced Volunteer Teams

Create specialized teams specifically built for nonprofits with committee members. Upgrade member roles and provide exclusive updates for collaboration, meeting minutes, and more.

Streamline Partner Discovery

Advanced search features allow you to find the perfect individual, event, team, nonprofit, or business partner for your upcoming project. As a VIP Member you can then reach out to any individual or representative directly via email (if they have enabled direct contact on their account).

Purchase Promotion Packages

Showcase your nonprofit, volunteer opportunity, sponsored event, project, team, or key business sponsor in the Featured spot at the top of their collections page and top of applicable lists. Availability is on a first come, first serve basis so be sure to reserve the time slot you need ahead of time. Work with us to design custom community/team/program structures with specialized updates, roles, layouts, and functionality.

Access VIP Deals

Browse exclusive offers from CLS VIP Business Partners on products benefitting the gaming, art, livestreaming, and nonprofit industries. Gain access to the VIP Deals Mailing List to get updates on new offers straight to your inbox.

50% Off Memberships During Open Alpha 

Purchase an annual membership before we launch to lock-in that rate for the length of your continuous membership.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get Started Today!

In order to apply for a Verified Nonprofit account, any interested organization will need:

  1.  A verified representative will need to create an account on

  2. The representative will then need to email us at using an email domain that MUST match the domain of the nonprofit's website.

  3. The email must include:
    • The CLS username and contact for the primary nonprofit representative

    • The contact information for secondary authorized individual(s) and CLS username(s) [Note: a CLS account is not required for secondary contact(s) but there must be a minimum of 1 additional contact.] 

    • The nonprofit's 9-digit US EIN number

    • The link to the nonprofit's and pages

    • A list of all peer-to-peer donation platforms you accept donations from. (Tiltify, DonorDrive, etc.) [Any submitted events benefiting your organization using these platforms will get automatic approval. If an event does not use this platform, it will need written approval from you via email before it can be posted.]
    • An indication of what category of nonprofit you are from the following list (pulled from NTEE Major Groups Codes). If you feel you fit more than 1 category, please indicate all categories that match your organization's mission:
      • Arts, Culture and Humanities

      • Education and Research

      • Environment and Animals

      • Health

      • Human Services

      • International

      • Other

      • Public / Societal Benefit

      • Religion

      • Veteran and Military

After the request email has been sent we will get into contact with you on upgrading the primary & secondary representative's accounts to Verified Nonprofit Representative status, setting up your organization on the site, and transferring your showcase page to the primary representative.

What CLS Does For You

As a nonprofit, you have our pledge to never take a percentage of donations raised from promoted events and get access to some features normally reserved for VIP Members.

By upgrading your individual account to Verified Nonprofit Representative, you get:

  • Nonprofit Showcase Page
    A central hub for your brand providing consistent messaging on events benefiting you and automatically displaying those fundraisers on your page as social proof
  • Volunteer Management Teams
    Empower the community to join your cause, easily view skills/availability, showcase impact projects, give updates, supply streaming toolkits, and post jobs to the Opportunity Board 
    • Volunteer Recognition
      Highlight your volunteers for their accomplishments by creating and distributing badges, awards, certifications, and letters of recommendation
  • Advanced Event Search
    Find fundraisers matching your cause type to research how to run and improve your own
  • Individual Partner Search
    Discover the perfect individuals to partner with based on skills, interests, causes, and availability
    • Nonprofit Partnership Availability Details
      Research if their content matches your brand and see the proof behind the skills they list
  • Business Partner Research
    Quickly locate businesses with synergy to your brand and are interested in the types of partnerships you're looking for

Become A VIP Nonprofit Member

Interested in accessing even more features like posting Premium Events with RSVP, creating local volunteer teams, and promoting yourself further on

Check out the Nonprofit VIP Member Details page to learn more!

Interested in premium features specific to nonprofits?

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