Promote What You Do Between Charity Livestreams

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Share What You Work On With The Skills You Develop

Project pages are free to create for any Verified CLS Member, giving you the chance to showcase what you build and create when you're not fundraising for charity.

Whether you're working on a local volunteer project, hammering out an awesome collaboration with other members, or even developing your own video game, posting a project helps build your portfolio while exposing the endeavor to the community. 

  • Share details about your work with the CLS Community
  • Easily update what stage of development the project is in
  • Showcase a video and up to 5 supplemental images
  • Display the ways people can find and support the project online
  • If the project is labeled for reuse, indicate the terms of that reuse 
  • Credit all individuals working on the project with you as well as any teams, nonprofits, or businesses that are involved
  • Add categories to make the project easier to find by those interested

Project Status
Project Usage Rights
Not Licensed For Reuse (Contact Creator)
Labeled For Commercial Reuse With Modification
Labeled For Commercial Reuse (No Modification Authorized)
Labeled For Noncommercial Reuse With Modification
Labeled For Noncommercial Reuse (No Modification Authorized)
Project Usage Rights Details
This is a description of the usage rights, how reuse is permitted, who should be credited (individual, organization, etc), and how to best contact the creator for inquiries.
Project Supplementary Images