Posted: 2019-12-14
Learn how to create cross linked campaigns to boost your social media presence and speed up CLS account verification.
Posted: 2019-09-24
Today the ground up rebuild of is going from closed to Open Alpha. With this update comes a multitude of changes and I want to make sure we cover the major ones in this announcement.
Posted: 2019-09-13

Hello Everyone,

Thank you all for your patience with this most recent update as there's a lot that has been going on since the last one.

Posted: 2019-07-11

Hello Everyone,

First I’d like to thank everyone for their patience as I sorted out several things personal and professional this past month in the effort to get everything back online.

Posted: 2017-04-22

Hello Everyone,

Last week we hit the awesome milestone of 100 events on the site! Huge thank you to each and every person who has submitted an event to CLS. It has been a blast getting to this point and I can’t wait to help promote the next 100 fundraisers.

Posted: 2017-04-09
Before getting into the updates from last week, I want to announce that has now promoted over 100 events on the site since it’s inception!