What is this?

A fan created map depicting the domain of Sevendor, found in Magelord, book 3 of Terry Mancour's Spellmonger Series. This map is a digital, colored recreation of the official map of Sevendor released by the author. 

This map was built using the Azgaar - Fantasy Map Generator software.

What I Learned Creating This 

As a fan of both the book series and of fantasy storytelling, this project taught me the use and techniques for the Azgaar map creation software interface as well as it's limitations when recreating an existing map. 

Current Status

As this is a fan project, the digital file used to create this map has been made freely available to all fans of the book series to freely use, modify, and build upon as they please via the official Discord for the author. The final version of the file can be found in the #fan-art channel, posted on Sept. 13 2019.

Project Status
Project Usage Rights
Labeled For Noncommercial Reuse (No Modification Authorized)
Project Usage Rights Details
The image itself may be reused without modification by crediting me and linking to this project page. The original AzgaarMap files used to create this map have been supplied to the Discord for the author in the #fan-art channel and are freely available for any to use.