What is My Light In The Darkness?

MLITD is an experimental, visual novel game based around player choice. After waking up in pitch blackness with amnesia, a table lamp suggests you choose a partner from the 3 different light fixtures, each with their own personality, and adventure into the endless black void. The light you decide to bring along and your decisions with them create unique variations and opportunities to unravel the mysteries of who you are and this world of shadow you must traverse.

This playable demo was built in 8 weeks from Dec of 2017 to Feb 2018 as a "Flashlight Dating Simulator" and includes the first 2 chapters of a 5 part story featuring a multi-path choices, path variation based on player decisions, 7 distinct endings, and loop-on-end mechanics.

Playable demo is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux by clicking the link below.

What Was Learned

The demo gave me the chance to learn different aspects of the Python coding language and apply them through the Renpy game development interface. I also learned structuring multi-path story outlines and interesting ways to utilize a looping story to feed into a mystery focused narrative. 

What's The Current Status

MLITD is on hiatus while I focus on the development for CharityLiveStream.com.

Click the link below and download the latest version of the demo to play it for yourself.

Project Status
Project Supplementary Images