Nonprofit Opportunity

Reach Out To The Community For Volunteers & Employees

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Post Upcoming Needs To Tap Into A Skilled Community

These pages require a Verified Nonprofit membership upgrade and can be posted after creating a Nonprofit Volunteer Team or Community. Nonprofit Opportunities allow you to let our community, who are dedicated to growing their talents while helping others, know about upcoming projects and organization needs.

Opportunity posts include:

  • *Title - The project title. Usually best as a role that needs to be filled: "Artist needed for charity livestream banners", "Gamer who loves Minecraft looking for collaboration partners", etc
  • *Description - Describe the details for your upcoming project: What does the project entail, what timetables are you expecting, what kind of help will you need, etc
  • *Nonprofit Opportunity Type - Choose up to 3 categories that describe this opportunity
  • Audience Target - Select, if applicable, the core CLS audience you're looking for: Gaming, Art, Game Dev, Music, Podcast, Other
  • *Desired Skills - Select the skill categories that you'll need for this project
  • *Compensation Type - How will you compensate those interested in your project for their time & effort
  • Payment Type - If you'll be providing monetary payment, select the payment schedule you will use
  • Compensation Amount - If you'll be providing monetary payment, provide the amount or range for the above payment type
  • Opportunity Link & *Contact - Link directly into your hiring software or provide an email contact our members can reach out to


As Community Opportunities come directly from other CLS members, transparency is key to a successful posting.

To facilitate this, all opportunities must be reviewed and approved before they go live.

If an opportunity will have any monetary payment, both the payment type and compensation amount MUST have values to be approved. 

If an opportunity will have any monetary payment and that payment amount is negotiable, a payment range is still required to be approved.

Audience Target
Opportunity Type Nonprofit
Livestream Fundraisers
Watching & Participating In Livestreams
Desired Skills
Art & Graphic Design
Broadcasting & Entertaining
Business Partnership Outreach
Charity Marathon Administration & Organization
Chat Moderation
Nonprofit Outreach
Outreach, PR, & Promotion
Program Development & Stream Schedule
Social Media
Stream Troubleshooting & Technical Setup
Streamer Outreach
Tech Support
Video Editing
Watching & Chat Engagement
Website Design
Compensation Type
Cross Promotional Collaboration
Unpaid Volunteer
Payment Type