Nonprofit Opportunity

The national nonprofit Help Hope Live is looking for a volunteer to assist with light topic research and/or writing content about the transplant journey. We are hoping to cover at least one topic every three weeks surrounding transplant news, breakthroughs, heartwarming stories, tips for raising money for a transplant, and more.


Our goal with this research and content creation process is to:

  1. Share interesting and engaging transplant-related content to inform and inspire transplant patients, medical professionals, and families.
  2. Help to tie transplant topics to the importance of fundraising with our nonprofit for transplant needs.


The skills we are looking for:

  • Ability to research interesting, engaging transplant-related content
  • Ability to write polished and professional articles based on your research
  • Willing to communicate with Help Hope Live and incorporate edits and changes to content
  • Willing to be consistent and follow deadlines for content creation (we will be flexible regarding job, school, and personal priorities if handled with maturity)
  • Prior WordPress experience of any kind is a plus


If interested, the volunteer may use a personal byline with each article published on Help Hope Live’s behalf in order to build an online writing and publishing portfolio.

If interested in this position, please reach out to HelpHopeLive's representative Emily at the email below.

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