Volunteer Outline Template

Organizing an event has a lot of components, especially when managing a team with multiple people.

We've created 4 layouts, each with 12 hour (am/pm) and 24 hour (00:00-23:59) versions for 8 total templates you can use to quickly and easily map out who will be doing what at which time during your stream. 

Each template has segments for the 4 types of positions (Broadcasting, Marketing, Operations, & Technical) with additional sub-columns in Broadcasting (Broadcaster & Game/Content) as well as Marketing (Social Media & Chat Mod) to clearly map out who will be volunteering each hour of the event.

The templates included are:

  • Single Day Outline by Hour (am/pm & 24 hour versions)
  • Single Day Outline by Half Hour (am/pm & 24 hour versions)
  • 3-Day Outline by Hour (am/pm & 24 hour versions)
  • 3 Day Outline by Half Hour (am/pm & 24 hour versions)

Although designed as an internal organizational tool, after filling out the Broadcasting segment in any template it's a simple process to copy that segment to a new spreadsheet and reformat the layout to create a schedule you can add to your event page for your viewers.

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