The final step of any charity live stream is a follow up post or video where you verify the final amount donated to charity and thank the community one final time for the donations to your stream. Depending on the donation platform and way you run your stream this may be as simple as posting the confirmation letter, minus your sensitive personal information of course, or calling the non-profit and asking them to verify that their check was received. Remember, this doesn’t need to be a big letter or promotional item from the charity, you can create any big follow-up materials on your own. All you need is their verification that you did what you did, even if it’s just a short tweet from their official Twitter account.

It’s important that you take the time to share the public verification that the donations were received by the non-profit. Whether your event was big or small, a huge success or not, the key point is having solid proof that you did what you said you did. You’re own community may know and trust you, but if there are people who stumbled on your event who weren’t fans before, then it’s especially important that you start building that trust with them through transparency. It also gives you a hard record others can verify that you’ve actually done what you say you’ve done, which is very useful if you want to share your past accomplishments while communicating with businesses for sponsorships at future events or going after that job you really want.

How CLS Helps

To help facilitate this, every event on Charity Live Stream allows for you to post the amount raised and a public link confirming the donation receipt. Simply go to your events management section and click Edit to update your event page after you get your confirmation. This way your event page remains useful and relevant even after your event has ended.

Submitted by cliveadmin on Sun, 01/20/2019 - 10:51