VarietyTV is a community on for variety streamers, gamers and others who come together to do streaming events. We host community events, occasional giveaways and work towards giving more platforms within the community to interact and strive towards creating an amazing experience.

We host weekly events like Splaturdays and Tetris Tuesdays. Every 6 months, we also host huge Charity Marathons on the channel where a bunch of casters and the whole community come together to support our efforts to fund-raise for the charity of the event -- Christmasathon in December and Summer Splash in the Summer . So far, we have raised more than $2,000 for charity since 2016!

Don't be shy, check out what this wonderful team/community is all about <3

Causes We Support
Arts, Culture and Humanities
Education and Research
Environment and Animals
Human Services
Public / Societal Benefit
Game Type
Community Play
Multiplayer (Online)
Gaming Playstyle
Collaborative (Online)
Esports (Tournament)
Digital Art
3D Digital Art
Drawings & Paintings
Vector Art & Graphics
Group creator