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Dear Markiplites and Markiplier Community,

We have some exciting news! Because of how successful the May art livestream was, we have brought it back. From August 14th till the evening of August 16th, with the support of Picarto, we will be holding a weekend long charity art livestream where you can donate to the fundraiser in exchange for a live commission!


As you all know, we have some incredible artists as part of our MarkiArtists team for our Operation Extra Life fundraiser for The All Children’s Hospital of Florida. So, MarkiArtists for Charity will be conducting, some request/doodles on the popular livestreaming site Picarto!

If you donate to The All Children’s Hospital of Florida fundraiser according to a livestream artist’s prices, you will get to see the artist draw your commission live! We hope to cause an interest in our charity event.

  • For example (using electriceidolon’s profile as an example): If you donate $10 during electriceidolon’s stream with the code letters of “str_EEam” attached in your donation name, they will draw a sketch of one of your OCs (that is not heavily based on copyrighted material). If you donate $12 with the code letters of “str_EEam”, they will draw you a full body chibi LIVE!
  • Make sure to let the artist know what your email, or Tumblr (with an open submit box) is so they can give you the art piece after it is finished.
  • If a piece if not finished during the livestream, the artist will continue to work on it if you wish (not during a stream) and send it to you when it is complete.
  • Please include your Picarto chat name or your Tumblr name in your donation name so the artist knows who they are drawing for.


Code letters are letters that are to be included in your donation name when you donate for a livestream drawing. Each code is different for each artist. Since we can see what your donation name is, we are using code letters so we know which artist you are commissioning. Also please include the name you go by in the Picarto livestream chat so the artist knows who they are drawing for.


chibi–raiden, code letter: C-R

  • Chibi with simple background: $5
  • Realistic character with simple background: $10
  • Chibis with detailed shading and backgroun: $20
  • Link to Picarto streaming page:x

electriceidolon, code letter: stre_EEam

  • Bust: $10
  • Chibi (Full Body): $12
  • Sketch (Full Body): $10
  • 2 Frame Wiggle Chibi Animation: $15
  • Link to Picarto streaming page: x

mst3kman, code letter: SB

  • Chibi (Full Color): $20
  • Busts (Full Color): $20
  • Chibi (Line): $10
  • Bust (Line): $10
  • Link to Picarto streaming page: x


Picarto, a popular art livestreaming service, has kindly agreed to host our event and to promote it. We are very grateful for their help and will definitely use their site again if we have another livestream. If you are a budding artist that wants to enter the world of livestreaming, then we suggest that you check them out!

To check out their site and what they do, visit their main page here: https://www.picarto.tv/live/index.php


Your fan-fricken-tastic Staff

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