Example CLS Recognition Image
Recognition Description

This section is used to describe what the recognition is and how it has been earned. The image above is showcased on the profile page of the recipients of the recognition, whether it's an individual or team.

In the section below the description, you can add the individual(s) or CLS Team(s) to give them the recognition. This list will not only showcase them on the recognition page, but the image linked back to this page will appear on the user's profile as well. 

The Recognition feature can be used to acknowledge the hard work of individuals or teams and is designed with flexibility in mind. However, if a recognition is uniquely special to an individual or organization, then this section can also be used to tell the story behind why they deserve it.

Some example uses for the recognition can be:

  • Creating unique badges for your volunteers and attributing them to those who stand out in particular areas or meet specific fundraising goals
  • Utilizing it for Awards your organization gives out for specific achievement
  • Showcase successful completion of certifications offered by your organization
  • Provide a letter of appreciation for work done in a specific event or project
  • Provide a letter of recommendation for a particular individual or team that has shown outstanding merit

A link or series of links can be provided showcasing additional information about the recognition. (3rd party recognition or media coverage of the award, how to enroll in the certificate program, etc.)

Member(s) Recognized
Team(s) Recognized