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This Saturday from 12pm (EST) on, Legendary Fail Games is hosting D List Plays, as I (David List) ATTEMPT a Soul Blazer run! Come watch some mid-90s Super Nintendo action! Donations are going toward CJSIDS.org through my baby Evie’s memorial page.

What’s the goal?

Any part of $10k. Your donations will help research SIDS, relieve families affected by SIDS, and help raise awareness of this phenomenon. Want more specifics? Here’s the charity’s financial statement for 2014, detailing how your donation is used.

How do I participate?

* First and foremost, you can DONATE to the memorial during the stream, or after it, or right now. Your money goes directly to the charity, we never touch it.

Also, you can donate to Legendary Fail Games‘ Twitch channel during the stream. These donations will also go entirely to the charity AND you will have a chance to win prizes. We’ll disclose events on this during the stream.

SHARE THIS EVENT with your friends or with anyone you think might be interested; whether they’re into video games, live streaming, charities, whatever. Nothing gathers a crowd like a crowd!

WATCH THE STREAM! You can watch at Legendary Fail Games, where my friend Drew is hosting the show, or go to LFG’s Twitch channel. Come to talk to us, ask questions or just to enjoy the show. Both sites have chat features available and we’re happy to chat!

Can’t wait to see you guys there.

David List

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