DrivenotFound is a collaborative streaming channel that was formed between friends almost three years ago. We got together out of a shared interest in video games, late nights, jokes, and eachother's company. Our members include Dagless, OoCompanionCube, Crossknights, PrivateButtkiss, Yushi, Tazman, and Relictae. Our personalities tend to differ, - from salty and serious to just a little bit too carefree-, but we always seem to work.

All of our members stream both on their own and as a group, which helps us put out lots of content even if life gets a bit busy for an individual. As streamers, we have a few goals: to be interactive with whatever audience is in attendance at the time, to make said audience feel welcome, and to stream a variety of content. Oh, and we want to find our drive. No seriously, have you seen it?

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