Hello, my name is Lou “herobyclicking” Adducci.

In 2014 I created a fun challenge for myself. I wanted to play the hundreds of games I had collected over the years. I wanted to play those games for Extra Life.

I made the rules simple. Play one game a day for 100 days up to the official national day of play for Extra Life, and then participate in the 24 hour marathon. I had no idea really how I would do this. I am not a young man, I have a wife, child and job. But I knew it was a gesture to the kids and their families in Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals who spend hours, days, weeks and years receiving treatment and care. Their marathons of will, money and patience should be taken lightly.

#100DaysofGaming  attempts to honor those hardships and sacrifices.

In 2015 Todd “Zyaldar” Michaels joined me in this challenge and rallied almost two dozen other participants to join us. Zyaldar has become an enormous advocate for this annual challenge and for Extra Life, for that I am grateful and inspired.

In 2016 we are gaining some amazing momentum.

So join us, won’t you?