My name is Michael Stern, aka Wanderingjew101. I am a variety streamer on Twitch.Tv, and have been since January of 2017. I enjoy streaming, not for the money, but the interactions between the chat and myself, the bonding over games, and the ability to make new friends all over the world that enjoy gaming just as much as I do. Outside of the internet, I work for a small local liquor store, and am also trying to start my own gaming lounge. There have been setbacks but nothing that a bit of time and elbow grease cannot mend. I served 8 years in the Army National Guard and 1 of those years was overseas. On my stream you will find silly, funny, and sometimes just lame games being played, along with sarcastic but funny jokes made by myself or my friends. I am a variety streamer, meaning I will stream anything from making music and videos, to playing a video game, to just talking to the chat about their day and trying to make everyone smile and have fun! My channel is all about positivity and love for each other! I like to say that it is a "Rage-Free Zone"! My dog makes infrequent cameos, and my friends come by to hang out from time to time. I do this as a form of relaxation and hobby, so my stream schedule is nothing set in stone, but rather made up as I go! Hope to see you all there soon! Happy Gaming! Wanderingjew101

Regular Schedule

Stream times change from week to week, but I am always putting it out on discord and twitter.

My Types Of Streams

Variety gaming streams. I will hope to branch out a bit here and there, but for now, just gaming on PC and hopefully consoles soon!

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