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VTV Christmasathon is our most anticipated annual Charity event for the VarietyTV community! Each year during the Holidays, we gather the entire community together as well as many different streamers all across Twitch for 4 days straight (December 17-21) while we all have a blast while being apart of something special for charity.

During this event, you'll see about 20-30 different streamers, for 4 days straight, broadcasting their favorite games while performing different incentives and challenges to make fundraising even more hype! Along with the streams casting on the channel, the entire community will be there as well keeping the fundraising and 'Marathon Hype Train' going strong!
For VTV Christmasathon 2019, we are supporting the American Cancer Society, so we're excited for you to come join us this year to be a part of the fight against cancer!

How To Contribute
1) Click the donate button on the Tiltify Page or the Twitch Page.

2) Put in your donation amount, or leave it at the suggested amount.

3) Put in your name or username so we know who to shout out to.

4) To donate towards incentives, challenges or milestones, you can find them all listed >>>HERE<<<
4a) Add your vote or message in the "Comment" field, so we know what incentives, polls, challenges or milestones you are donating towards!

Why We're Streaming
VarietyTV has always taken a keen interest in throwing events for charity, so ever since 2016, we've decided to start throwing Charity marathons for the community every Summer and Winter. The reason we chose the American Cancer Society this year was to continue keeping the awareness at its peak towards helping cure cancer. Several families and others across the globe continue to deal with the hardships of cancer. With the understanding of how significant this is, VTV has always had its sights on the American Cancer Society for a long while. This year, we are absolutely thrilled and passionate towards helping this organization succeed in its mission!

How Will Your Donations Help Others
Every single donation immensely contributes towards groundbreaking research, better access to care, and improving medical practices towards curing cancer across the globe. This in total works towards removing the pain, stress, hardships and deaths that come from dealing with cancer.

Marathon Schedule: 

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