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These pages are free to create for any Verified Business Representative for your organization and offer several benefits:

  • Share your product/service, website, and social media all in one place
  • Showcase all the events & volunteer projects that you sponsor
  • Communicate to members and nonprofits the types of partnerships you're currently looking for
  • Display any primary nonprofits you sponsor
  • Encourage others to join the partnership team specific to your organization
  • (VIP Feature) Showcase the products or services you offer
Industry Type
Livestreaming Tools
Merchandise - Swag
Studio - Video Game
Technology - Software
Causes We Support
Arts, Culture and Humanities
Education and Research
Environment and Animals
Human Services
Public / Societal Benefit
Veteran and Military
Currently Seeking
Joint Charity Fundraisers
Influencer Marketing & Advertisements
Cross Promotional Projects
Video Game Review
Product Review
Employment (Advising)
Employment (Co-Founder)
Employment (Full Time)
Employment (Part Time)
Employment (Contract)
Employment (Internship)
Crowdfunding Promotion
Concept Demo Feedback (Pre-Alpha)
Pre-Launch Demo Feedback (Not Bug Testing)
Bug Testing
Pre-Launch Demo Review (Alpha/Beta)
Product & Business Feedback
Other – Please Contact

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