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This is a test description for a Premium Charity Livestream event. Premium events have all the features of basic events and more.

Boost Your Options With Premium Events

Premium events are available to anyone who upgrades their account to VIP status (on discount prior to our official launch) and offer several benefits over Basic events submitted to the website.

  1. Detailed Visual Layout - Designed to better highlight the Fundraising Teams or communities running the event, premium events provide visual summaries for your team, nonprofit, sponsors, and contributors. (Compare to Basic Events)
  2. Hide "Posted By" Section - The Author Information for the person posting the event can be turned off and removed. This is ideal for larger and team focused events that don't want to highlight any 1 person. As showcased on this page.
  3. Access Basic HTML - Format your event description and make it more visually appealing. Change format type, add pictures & links, and more with a few simple clicks.
  4. RSVP - Turn on RSVP options for the event so those interested can let you know ahead of time.
  5. (Coming Soon) RSVP Email - Those who RSVP supply an email and can even indicate if they're willing to volunteer for the event. You as the event poster can set up a reminder email to be sent before the event starts.
  6. Faster Review - Premium events get priority in the queue for CLS Review.

    NOTE: Submitted events will need to be for verified nonprofit organizations with accounts on CharityLiveStream.com. If the nonprofit you wish to fundraise for does not have an account yet, setting one up is free, then please have them contact us via email and/or reach out on the CLS Discord.

    Also, events will still need to use a verified donation method (either an official platform sanctioned by the nonprofit or via submitting written approval from the nonprofit acknowledging & approving the event).
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